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Indie Deck Review

" As someone who has been an astrology student for quite a while now but still struggles to grasp it, the Ameo deck has been an amazing learning tool to work with !

It was designed to be an aid with learning astrology and for use as an oracle deck. Ameo actually stands for Astrology, Magick, Études (French word meaning studies), and Oracle. Neat ? I thought so, too !

The Ameo Deck comes with 73 cards and arrives in a nice sturdy box. There is no guidebook, but there are several cards that explain some spreads to use and some astrology guides (which I find are incredibly useful) ! The card stock feels like velvet and it shuffles very well !

The deck features all of the zodiac signs, planets and houses, as well as aspects, modalities, polarities, and elements. It’s a great little study guide in your pocket ! I like to use the cards to lay out the transits for the day or lay them out on the table when studying with my astrology books.
This deck is a perfect companion for astrology students ! "

REVIEWED BY @jessrollar


Cards & Stars Review

"This deck does not come with a booklet simply because… it does not need one! All card meanings are printed directly on the cards. There are also 2 informative cards witch group the signs by element and the houses and signs by modality."

"I mostly use this deck as a tool for natal chart reading. I do also practice the spreads as my daily card pull. Since this deck was delivered to me, it has been one of the few I’m using the most consistently for it’s clarity, practicality and range of information. Out of all my astrology decks, it is the most complete one, the easiest one to use and all around the best quality one. I would definitely recommend it to any astrology beginners!

It is fantastic tool for any astrology student out there and I wish I had known about it when I started out. "

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